Wax Melt Q & A and Warnings


Wax melts are a wonderful way to fill your home with the scents you find most comforting. A relatively new alternative to traditional candle burning, wax melts are just as effective at dispersing your favorite fragrances, but often misunderstood and overlooked. For avid candle lovers everywhere, wax melts can expand your candle collection and emit your favorite scents in surprisingly new ways.

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are small chunks of wax that when melted emit your favorite fragrances throughout any room. Unlike traditional scented candles, they do not contain candle wicks and are not burned, but rather gently warmed. With the exception of tea light wax warmers, wax melts do not require a flame to scent a room, which makes them an excellent alternative for those who don’t like the black smoke that low-quality candles often emit.

How do I use wax melts?

You’ll first need a wax melt warmer.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your personal preference. Wax melt warmers can be electric, battery powered, or warmed with a tea light. Some may have two parts. The bottom chamber which serves as the heat source for your wax. And a top bowl or dish which is where you place your chunk or cube of wax. Check for a positive ETL safety rating on your warmer which proves its compliance with North American safety standards.

Make sure to use a warmer that’s specifically made for wax melts.

This ensures the warmer will heat to the proper temperature to warm your wax, not burn it.

Be sure to read the instructions.

Read the instructions that come with your wax melt warmer. Some electric warmers come with a light bulb that needs to be unwrapped before using. Additionally, your warmer may advise using a liner that your wax will be placed on top of. If your wax warmer has a silicone bowl or dish, a liner is not required. This will all be included in the instructions of your warmer so be sure to read them before use.

Place your wax melt inside the warmer.

Where your wax melt goes will depend on your style of warmer, usually, it’s on the top. If you have wax melt cubes it’s smart to only warm one at a time. If your wax is not separated into cubes warm 1 oz of wax at a time. While you may think that burning more than one cube of wax at a time will result in a stronger fragrance, this may cause your warmer to overflow.

Turn on the warmer

Melting your wax is as easy as turning on your warmer. If your warmer is electric find a safe place to plug it in. Some wax melt warmers come with a timer. Setting this will turn your wax warmer off after the appropriate time has passed to fully melt your wax. If you warmer does not have a timer, you may want to set one of your own. This will help to ensure your warmer doesn’t overflow with melted wax. For this reason, it’s also advised to keep an eye on your warmer as the wax melts. If you’re using a warmer that operates by flame, stay in close proximity while it’s lit.  Note: do not move your warmer when it’s full of hot wax to avoid spills, burns, and other accidents.

Don’t forget to turn your warmer off

After your wax has melted and you’re finished using your warmer, be sure to turn it off. Leaving your wax warmer on for extended periods of time could result in overheating or electrical wire damage.

Wax melts give candle lovers a pleasant alternative to traditional candle burning. Whether you’re looking for seasonal fragrances that remind you of the holidays or gourmet fragrances that smell like your favorite baked goods, Whiskey Farmhouse Co. has a wide variety of wax melts sure to satisfy your scent preference.

Wax Melt Warnings

Do NOT add water. Do NOT melt on stove top or in non-approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable objects. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do NOT eat.